Radio Sindhi Player for Windows 10

Start listening to Radio Sindhi from your desktop itself without visiting the website. It is so simple & fast. Enjoy all the 6 stations 24/7 from your Windows 10 Desktop computer or Windows 10 Mobile or Tablet. Radio Sindhi Player app works even from XBox One console.

App Developed by Amit K Khanchandani

Radio Sindhi for MS Windows 10


Click here to download Windows 10 app


Radio Sindhi Player for Windows 7 or 8, Vista, XP (Old versions)

Radio Sindhi Player 2 for Windows

Radio Sindhi Player 2.0 for Windows OS

  • If you are finding it difficult to reach to Radio Sindhi Website and play radio.
  • If you don’t have correct flash plugin installed on your machine.
  • You like to play Radio Sindhi but somehow you forget to reach out.
  • You want one concise simple interface to easily switch between 6 Radio Sindhi Stations.

You can have your very personal radio, all for free of cost. Very useful tool for old age or non-tech people who find it difficult to visit site and play radio.


  • Starts Radio Sindhi directly from Windows Operating System without visiting website
  • Get Ticker updates and useful  links in one interface
  • Play/Stop Radio Control volume
  • Remains on Taskbar when minimized

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7


Download Radio Sindhi Player for Windows from here ( 7 MB )

Installation Steps:

  • Extract the zip file
  • Run the setup.exe
  • Proceed the steps by pressing Next
  • Radio Sindhi link with icon will appear in your start menu once the installation is completed.

How to use Radio Sindhi 2.0 Player for windows

  • Once installed it stays on your taskbar on start of windows. if clicked shows the Radio Tool. You can choose from 6 stations to play. If you click on close, it even removes from Taskbar. If you minimize it hides to taskbar. You can bring it back with left click. On right click you can directly play or stop last selected station.
  • If you don’t want Radio Sindhi Player to start on windows startup, you can go to program –> Startup –> right click on Radio Sindhi v2.0 and delete it. This will stop loading the Radio Sindhi v2.0 on Windows Startup. You can continue to use this from desktop icon.
  • if you wish to uninstall this tool, you can go to control panel –> uninstall programs — Radio Sindhi v2.0. This will completely remove the Radio Sindhi v2.0 from your system.

Technical Details :

  • Developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition – Visual C#
  • Developer: Sameer Jambhulkar

Evaluation help :

Thanks to our dear friends who helped us evaluate Radio Sindhi 2.0 for Windows.

  • Girish Sadhwani
  • Sanjay Keswani
  • Pooja Raj Juriani
  • Amit K Khanchandani
  • Rajeshkumar Dhanrajmal Valechha
  • Rakesh Keswani
  • Sangeeta Jaisingh Bapuli
  • Saral Roshan

For Support and help please visit :

40 thoughts on “Download

  1. amamullah samejo says:

    we love sindhi radio

  2. Sindhi Boli Khay Wadhain jay laey Wade me wadi koshish aahe jahinji jetri bhi tareef kajay sa thorari aahe

  3. Sindhi boli ku sinda rakho

  4. baba ashok shah says:

    Sindhi buli ko rkho zinda ta ke rhe ha zinda .munji boli munjo maan munji aan munji boli muji shanmunji boli

  5. Suresh Nankani says:

    Sindhi boli khe zindah rakhan lai shukrana.

  6. Ghulam Akbar Jagirani says:

    Radio Sindhi asan sabhni sindhian laai hik tamam suthi kawish aahe jahen ji madad saan asaan ji tamam suhni boli dunia je mukhatalif bolian jiyan pahinjo maan mathahon kare thi

    Maan puri Radio sindhi teem khe lakh lakh wadhayoon deendus aen ALLAH SAIEN khan eha dua ghurandus ta Asan ji hin mithri boli khe humesha Abad Rakhe

    jiye Sindh Aen Jiye Sindhi Boli

    Ghulam Akbar Jagirani
    From Sindh Pakistan

  7. TRUE SINDHI says:

    plz plz plz pplz hin site te jeka julelal ja bhajan vadandownload kare sagu hedo kuj kayo…..
    aav har dhafe online rahi natho saga.
    tade download thiyal vijan t budhi t saga.
    mu jeda ghanay vindha jeka internet connection sutho na vijan je ghare barobar fluently bhajan budhi na sagandha hunda…..

    • Many of Jhulelal bhajans are available for free download from our website:

      • Majid Rajper says:

        radio sindhi channel is doing really a great for to promote sindhi music and cultural values..its my request to the management of sindgi radio to make an old sindhi song available for me if possible……..
        i tried my best to search it through net but invain….
        the lyrics of the song are as:
        “preet asanji aahe purani ,janam janam jo nato”
        most probably if i am not wrong it is sung by…kamla keswani…

  8. nice music in a radio
    hi friends jay julelal

  9. bhavesh tilvani says:

    jay julelal kedo hal aahe

  10. Muhammad Ameen Kalroo says:

    Mun khe hi disi dadhi khushi thi aahe ta tawhan sindhi boli aen sindhiyat lae ketro zabardast kam kayo aahe. muhinji dua aahe ta shall malik sain asan sabh sindhyan khe hik bie ji sahaita lai aen sindhi boli ji tarweej lai raat deinh kam karan ji hamat atta farmae. Thanks for such a great effort I sallute……..

  11. Kindly launch sindhi radio for IPad and tipno also soon!!

  12. Ayaz Ali Memon says:

    هن قدم سان اسان سڀ سنڌي جيڪي انڊيا توڙي پاڪستان ۾ رهون ٿا گڏجي هڪ ٿي ويا آهيون اهڙي ڪم تي سنگت جس لهي



  14. سهڻا شاباس لهو

  15. Aurangzeb Mangi says:

    Hi Im Aurangzeb Mangi frm Pakistan my age is 17 and im daily l4stenr of this station
    Its very best Radio Station ,i like it So Much ,kindly Play Some Pakistani Sindhi Songs ,

    Ket it up plz kbhe band mat karna is station ko plz it is very best

  16. Good to listen Sindhi music here in Malaysia. On long drive on highway I can now tune in Sindhi Radio on my Nokia phone and listen on my car FM. Some good nostalgic songs and music we used to listen back in Sindh. Thanks for making this available to Sindhis all over the world.

  17. سليم رضا شر says:

    واھ سائين دل خوش ٿي ويي الله آباد رکي

  18. Anil Hemnani says:

    Dil Khush Thi Vayo

  19. Sunil Bajaj says:

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great service to Sindhis

  20. i’d like to hear more new bhajans in sindhi regarding julelal and nuri and anjali the sadhu vaswani’s bhajans.

  21. maheksukheja says:

    jai julela

  22. nazir shaikh karachi sindh paksitan says:

    asan khe wade khushe aahay ta tahan sindhi boli lai suthi khadmat karyo piya


    Nazir Shaikh karachi Sindh pakistan

  23. Madhavdas Asoodamal Miterani says:

    This is truly unbelievable, that we have our own radio station.
    I work for SevenHills Hospital, Marol Maroshi Road, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059. This is the largest hospital in south east asia, with 1500 beds, 36 opertaion theatres, 300 critical ( ICU ) care beds, 120 out patient clinics.

  24. allah tawhankhe wadhindo

  25. Congrat Great service to Sindhis

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