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9 thoughts on “What’s New

  1. Azhar Laghari Baloch says:

    Monkhy tmam ghanrri khushi thai Sindhi Radio Buddhi.
    Jiye Sindh

  2. Its Very Nice, I Like Indian Sindhi Music….. Specially Sindhi Laada…

  3. mehran dahri says:

    mokhe dadi khoshi ahe te asan jo bji radio ahe jeko saji dunya main hale tho jea.sindh bhaero



  5. sindhi sindhi san mile ta sindhi main hi ghalahe. iha hee asanjee ventee aahe. fakhur kayo ta assen sindhi aahyoon.

  6. Girdhari Mangtani says:

    Great job done by the team behind RADIO SINDHI.
    God bless you keep it up.

  7. How can I get the Sindhian Magazine thanks.

  8. Suresh kirpalani says:

    It is nice to know about the Radio

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