Our Sponsors

List of Our Sponsors in year 2014

We would like to specially thank to Smt. Padma M. Manghnani & Shri Chetan K. Ramchandani for major contribution towards New Server and broadcasting software license cost. Without your support we wouldn’t have upgraded to new Advanced infrastructure in our 4th year of service.

Diamond Sponsor

No. Name Location
1. Shri Prakash Ramchandani – www.watercure.com Ghana, South Africa

Gold Sponsor

No. Name Location
1 Shri Arjan Nankani Bhojwani Spain
2 Shri Om prakash & Smt.Deepti Ahuja United States

Silver Sponsor

No. Name Location
 1  Shri. Nandu Asrani (Sleek Advertising)  Bangalore
 2  Shri. Bhisham Vachhani (Lata Novelties & Gifts)  UAE (Dubai)
 3  Shri. Rajesh Kirpalani  London, United Kingdom
 4  Shri. Rajesh P. Lalwaney  Richmond, Virginia, USA
 5  Shri. Mohandas Gulwani UAE, Dubai

List of Our Sponsors in year 2013

Diamond Sponsor

No. Name Location
1 Shri Ramesh Hemrajani USA (Download his Sindhi Songs for Free)
2 Shri Gobind Morwani Spain

Gold Sponsor

No. Name Location
1 Shri Mahadev Assandas Vasnani Hong Kong
2 Shri Kanu R. Butani Mulund, India

Silver Sponsor

No. Name Location
1 Shri Arjan Nankani Bhojwani Spain
2 Shri Mahesh Menghani Kuwait
3 Shri Prem Lalwaney Virginia, USA
4 Shri Mohandas Gulwani Dubai, UAE

List of Our Sponsors in year 2012

Diamond Sponsor

  • Shri Sugumal Bhaneja (A,B. Sugumal), Canada
  • Shri Manoj Bhatia – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Shri Ram Nankani – Australia

Gold Sponsor

  • Shri Pishu Bhagwandas Sirwani  – Spain
  • Shri Pradeep Gulwani – Mumbai, India
  • Shri Prem Kalwani – Doha, Qatar

Silver Sponsor

  • Shri Ajit Dudani – Canada
  • Ms. Aradhana Assomull – NY, USA

List of Our Sponsors in year 2011

Diamond Sponsor

  • Shri Niranjan Dudani – USA
  • Shri Manohar R. Manchandia – USA
  • SAM Enterprises – Ulhasnagar, India  –  UlhasnagarFurniture.com
  • Shri Kishore Gurnani – Oman –  TaqdeerFashion.com
  • Sindhi Asssociation of BC, Canada (Shri Amar Ochani)
  • Shri. Naresh Santwani – Sint Marteen –  RimaBeachWorld.com

Gold Sponsor

  • Shri Lal Bhagwandas Sirwani  – Spain
  • Dr Ram & Mrs Neelam BELLARA – UK
  • Shri R. L. WADHWA – Mumbai
  • Shri Chander P Thakur – Mumbai

Silver Sponsor

  • Shri. VASHDEV NARSINGHANI – Ulhasnagar
  • Smt. PUSHPA NARSINGHANI – Ulhasnagar
  • Shri. TULJARAM SIRNANI – Kalyan
  • Ms. KALPANA HINDUJA – Mumbai

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8 thoughts on “Our Sponsors

  1. I am proud to be Sindhi. Jiye Sindhiyat, Jai Jhulelal !


    this is good as great achievement of sindhis all over word


    good to know that sindhi culture is live keep it up all world sindhi bretheren

  4. Savitri Gangaramani says:

    Long live Sindhi community lakh lakh wadhayu.

  5. radhakishan says:

    will continiously request govt of india to start sindhi tv channel in india.it is not a big issue for govt.

  6. radhakishan gurnani says:

    in north sindhi culture needs boost particularly in western uttar pradesh where sindhi population is loosing its shine sadaai gadh hujo

  7. Lachhmandas.T.Duseja says:

    shabas shabas shabsa sindhi Radio Lye mali madad kandar such mein shabasi ja haqdar Aaheen

  8. jeetu chhapru says:

    this is a great achievement of sindhis

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