Radio Sindhi is an attempt to erase the geographical gaps which exists between Sindhi Community. When you sponsor and participate in Radio Sindhi network, you are actually helping dispersed community to re-unite and re-gain the strength to protect culture, language and heritage, which is getting lost.
Support us by sponsoring our initiative & get your name added in Proud list of Radio Sindhi Sponsors
Diamond Sponsors can also provide their website link or phone number for promotion. Your website Search Rank increases with link from our website.

If you are from India you can send cheque or do Electronic Fund Transfer. Please write toRadio Sindhi IDfor Cheque delivery address or EFT Bank number details.

If you are not from India, you can contribute by Credit Card or  PayPal by submitting following form.

Silver Sponsorship
25$ or Rs. 1,490

Sponsor Name
Email ID

Gold Sponsorship
50$ or Rs. 2,990

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Diamond Sponsorship
100$ or Rs. 5,990

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Your name will be listed on Our Sponsor page in 2 to 3 days after receipt of sponsorship contribution.

Note: Radio Sindhi is founded and managed by D-Kay Consultancy, Mumbai.

36 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Dr.Moti Ram says:

    Its very pleasure for we Sindhi community to keep Sindhi language alive through audio and video,but need to keep also continue give Sindhi eduction to our children.

  2. Durga Shanker says:

    Mein saara din Sindhi Radio Fm sunta hun. I LOVE SINDHI FM RADIO.

  3. Radio Sindhi Is Great Radio Station We Like To Listen… & We’ll Be Members Of Radio Sindhi Station… We Are Pakistani & We Like Radio Sindhi Station….

  4. gurmukh ramnani thana ahmed khan says:

    bhoot bhoot dahnewad sindhi redio ke bhoot khoob bhoot khoob

  5. ريڊيو سنڌي تمام سٺو قدم آهي.مصري فقير جوڳي پڻ پلي ڪندا.اي پراڻا سنڌي فلمي گيت هلايا وڃن.

  6. aijaz laghari says:

    سنڌي ريڊيو سنڌي ميڊيا۾ هڪ بهترين ا ضا فو آهي جنهن سان سنڌي ٻولي کي هٿي ملندي، ضرورت ان ڳالهه جي آهي ته سنڌي ميڊيا ۾ سنڌي ٻولي، ثقافت، جي حقيقي عڪاسي ٿئي سنڌي ريڊيو تي سنڌي ڪلامن سان گڌ سنڌ جي قديمي شهرن، تاريخ، ثقافت ۽ واقعن تي ٻڌل اسٽوريون نشر ڪيون وڃن ۽ انهن علائقن جا بنيادي مسئلا اجاگر ڪيا وڃن، سنڌي ريڊيو تي عالمي، علائقائي ۽ سنڏ۽ سنڌين سان لاڳاپيل خبرون پڻ هلايون وڃن.(اعجاز لغاري حيدرآباد سنڌ)

  7. asan sindhin gi guzarish aahy t radio khy madad krn wara sarandi wara sindhi hik sindhi tv tafrihi channel aalimi level ty kholio wachy jeh khy sindh hindh ain dunia mn rahanderr sab sindhi disan ain pahn gi boli jy channel khy dici khush theenda muhn khy umeed aahy t sarandi wara sindhi muhn jy hn niyapy khy maan deenda t sab sindhi jity bhi hoonda umeed aahy t uhy khush theenda gea sindhi gea sindhi booli ranipur kha manzoor ahmed soomro soomra muhallah ranipur

  8. Ali sher Leghari . DADU SINDH says:

    aap kay sab sindhi programmes buht achy hein

  9. Prem kalwani says:

    Jai jhulelal. Sindiyat ji shaan Radio Sindhi.
    Sindhiyat khe vadhayen laye Tamam author Kum Karen Rahiya aayo.
    Asanju shubhkamnaon Sadaeen tawanha sa gadh aahin.
    Merry X mas ain naye saal ju lakhh lakhh vadhayoon.
    Prem kalwani
    Doha, Qatar

  10. vijjay nagpal says:

    execellent job , appreciate this radio channel’s efforts to bring world sindhi’s under one platform

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