New Album Kalaams of Master Chander

Added new album “Kalaams of Master Chander” by Kaajal Chandiramani. Thanks to Shri Mahesh Chander and Shri Gope Chander for providing this CD.

Kalaams-of-master-chander by Kajal ChandiramaniKalaams-of-master-chander-track list

5 thoughts on “New Album Kalaams of Master Chander


    I love Sindhi kalaams

  2. Riaz Hussain says:

    man pinjhi boli ain sindh san wabista her shay khi pisand kariyan tho ..!!
    jeay sindh, jeay latif, jeay sindhi boli ……..!!

  3. Asif Ali Jamro says:

    i like the sindhi video and sindh dharti

  4. I love hearing radio sindhi. Congratulations!

  5. pradeep ramchand jaichandani says:

    muhinju shubhkamnau kabul kanda.

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