Dear Radio Sindhi Listener,

This is Radio Sindhi being broadcast from Mumbai, India. This is first Sindhi Radio Station available Internationally.

Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances that exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

We evaluated various possibilities of setting up Commercial FM tower, but considering our Sindhi Community is not densely located in one particular region, we decided to take Internet approach. On 10-Jan-2011 the idea of Radio Sindhi materialized. Since then we have seen tremendous growth in the number of listeners and supporters.

People might get this mis-conception, while the world is moving to High Definition, 3D,  On Demand and interactive content, we are going back to 100 year old technique of communication where one speaks and millions listen. Though our radio is one way broadcast, but we want our dear listeners to use this site and internet to have bi-directional communication.

We look forward for your continued support and suggestions.


Note: Radio Sindhi initiative of Sindhyat Foundation, Mumbai.

Radio Sindhi Presentation at All India Sindhi Academic Conference

49 thoughts on “About

  1. Kotu Rajwani says:

    Sindhi Aahyun, Sindhi Ghalhaayun, Sindhiyat ji jyot jaguar.


    Thanks for such a great initiative towards sindhi boli.
    sindhi boli khalayo sindhi boli khe vadayo.
    Congratulations for a dynamic web creation for the Sindhi community and lovers of Sindhi language. It’s truly enjoyable listening to Sindhi songs and jokes. Keep up a good job ! God Bless Sindhis and Sindhyat !

  3. Kotu Rajwani says:

    I am grateful to the Management of Radio Sindhi for introducing for the first time Sindhi channel on line for enriching our Sindhi language, culture and traditions. Best of Luck and With Warm Regards SINDHI FOLLOWERS !!

  4. Mithri Asanji boli… Sindhi asanji boli.
    Radiosindhi Tawhan jo lakh lakh shukrano !!!
    Jai Jhulelal!
    Radiosindhi jo jahenjob concept aahe……dhado zordar aahe..

  5. Dinesh Kishnani says:

    Mithri Asanji boli… Sindhi asanji boli.
    Radiosindhi Tawhaan jaa lakh lakh shukrana !!!
    Jai Jhulelal!

  6. jey muhnje sindh mubarajk huje sindh je tarfaan

  7. jey sindh mubarak huje raaj jurani

  8. congratulation sindhi radio khaak ke soon banain wara sindhi iam from mirpurkhas

  9. vijay nagpal says:

    dear radiosindhi,

    sindhi’s have come a long way from 1947 – 2011 and in all these years have mixed like sugar with everyone all across the world
    we would also really appreciate that you can also play some hindi bollywood songs with rj in sindhi with some contests,quiz etc etc same like other fm stations
    i am sure this will encourage more sindhi listeners,

    warm regards

  10. Thanks for launching Radio Sindhi. Keep up this commendable effort. God bles you.

  11. ChanderBha says:

    Sir , Congratulations for a dynamic web creation for the Sindhi community and lovers of Sindhi language. It’s truly enjoyable listening to Sindhi songs and jokes. Keep up a good job ! God Bless Sindhis and Sindhyat !

  12. It was very touching to watch and listen to this site. a remarkable breakthrough indeed for all the Indians scattered around the globe. I will now be able to bring my fathers accomplishments to the awareness of all the sindhis worldwide! His name was Shri Dewandas Gagumal Bhojwani.


  13. chetan kumar gaargwanshi maharaj, umarkot sindh.... says:

    جيئي سنڌي عوام، جيئي سنڌي ٻولي……………دنيا سطح تي سنڌي ريڊيو جو ٻڌي ڏاڍي خوشي ٿي آهي.
    سڄي دنيا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين ۽ سنڌي ريڊيو ٻڌندڙن کي منهنجي پاران لک لک واڌايون

    چيتن ڪمار گارگ ونشي مهاراج امرڪوٽ سنڌ

    jiye sindhi awam, jiye sindhi boli……….

    I feel very happy to listen sindhi radio on world level….
    congratulation to sindhi people of sindh……..

    Chetan kumar gaargwanshi maharaj..

    • Ali sher Leghari . DADU SINDH says:

      hum ne yeh redio suna . aur sary programmes buht acchy hein. aur ap ko mubarakbad kay yeh radio buh accha aur door tak suna ja raha hai online internet kay zariye

  14. Tariq Qureshi, Karachi, Sindh. says:

    Wadhayoon (Cogrates)

  15. Mrs. B.R.Nagpaul says:


  16. t manwani anand says:

    sidhiyat jee lahar har dil me pohchahinda raho,jago sindhi jago-t manwani anand

  17. Manjushree Assudani Tejwani says:

    I must say this is an amezing and undoubtedly most appreciatable attempt to save our treasure of lovely sindhi and our

  18. Vijay Tandon says:

    Tawhanja Sindhi Sangeet Budhi Dil Tharandhi Aahe.
    CONGRATULATIONS to JURANI’s for their efforts
    Can you please also play some Sindhi songs sung by Anup Jalota and others, the CD is “SUR CHANDER JA”

  19. Sunil Paryani says:

    recently i came to know about sindhiradio thru Hindvasi, i visited site, this is indeed a great effort, on behalf of entire sindhi community i congratulate you for such a nice concept.
    I have a suggestion for you, develop a toolbar for this sindhiradio which can be placed on desktop so that anytime u want to listen just click on that toolbar it will be much helpful.
    Many people might be suffering from the problem like “this page requires flash player,” including me so initially i was not able to browse the site so i took another route i.e. installed another browser and now i am listening to the songs. but this process is quite complicated not everybody will do this, so i request you develop a toolbar/ticker which can be easily placed on desktop.

    • Thank you so much for your comments.
      I am glad to tell you there is a way to achieve quite same.

      You can install winamp on your machine from http://www.winamp.com
      Download this file http://cast2.serverhostingcenter.com/tunein.php/dkeswani/playlist.pls on your desktop.
      Double click on your desktop link and Radio Sindhi will start without even visiting website.

      And please do visit http://RadioSindhi.com to know the schedule, people supporting and many other happenings around Radio Sindhi.

      • Would like to first of all congratulate you. Today I logged on to your site and was truly ouched at the efforts you and your team is making to unite our community.
        The quality of your music is very good and the songs really nostalgic.
        We should now coordinate and include sindhi contents from pakistan as I believe they have some very good music and dramas.
        A very good effort indeed. Keep it up.

        Kind regards to all Sindhis worldwide.

        Am listening to the music even though 18,000 kms away from my Watan!

  20. MUKESH N DUSEJA (JSK) says:

    Aayo lal chao julhelal, sindhi boli khalayo sindhi boli khe vadayo.

    • I had posted comments on this great effort and had congratulated the people behind this project. I had also posted information about this radio station on my facebook page and a large number of internet groups. All in good faith.

      I fail to understand why that comment has been removed? Is there any politics or favorites game being played here too?

      Anyhow, I wish you the best …

      • Dear Brother,
        We support all Sindhi Speaking people. There is no politics. Please don’t lose your heart.
        The reason I call you brother because our mother tongue is same, which is SINDHI.

        Frankly speaking we dont find any past comments in our records with your name.
        So probably this can be because of lost internet connection or intermittent application error.

        However we recommend all the people to know these points.

        If you are submitting any urls or homepage along with your comments. There are chances our automated engine may treat them as spam. This is not always but sometimes this can happen.
        If you are submitting any banned keywords of internet, your comment still can be treated as spam by engine and will be removed
        Please avoid using comments to advertise any links or business setup. You can take our sponsorship and support this SINDHI initiative.
        Because there were too many comments on our pages, we started pagination. So possibility is your comment can get moved to old pages

        Thank you so much for your support and listening and reading Radio Sindhi.

  21. Nisha Makhija says:

    Thanks for such a great initiative towards sindhi boli. Aayo lal chao jhulelal.

  22. jiyan sindhi / jiye sindhi boli / jiye pahinji sindhiyat / jiye deepak keswani



  24. Pradeep Kumar Dewani says:

    Maan umeed kadam tah tawhaan hik email id provide kanda jah the asaan jahra Yuva Sindhi bhi pahnji ghalh radio tahee pahoochaiye sagan

  25. Pradeep Kumar Dewani says:

    Tawhaan jaa lakh lakh shukrana !!!

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