Radio Sindhi Founder Receives Sindhu Ratna Award

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Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances which exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

  • Radio Sindhi starts instantly from browser or App or any streaming client
  • No need to browse through or searching for Sindhi Songs
  • Just press PLAY button and enjoy Sindhi Music, Jokes, Live Interviews, Stories & so much
  • 24/7 un-interrupted Non Stop Sindhi Broadcast, because Sindhis are all over the world
  • Listen to famous Songs for free and buy these CDs to support Sindhi Music Industry
  • Support leading tools like Winamp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer and Apple iTunes
  • Radio Sindhi works from any Mobile Devices, Tablet, laptop or Smart TV.
  • Availability across the Globe ( We already have listeners in more than 100 countries)

994 thoughts on “

  1. ashok l keswani says:

    tavhaan khe lakh lakh wadhaayoon jo tavhaan hi sunhro kadam khanyo aahe.

  2. jeevanAmbwani says:

    Sindhi radio budhee dadi khusi thee.Sindhin lai fakhur ji gal aahi.chand te pe hundoo paheru yar sindhi.

  3. Im from Pakistan And I Love India………. Proud to be a Sindhi. Tamaam Sutho Radio Station aahy really like it……… 🙂

  4. Zabardast Sindhi songs jay Sindh

  5. LAchhman.T. Duseja says:

    ma 2012 kha radio sindhi budado aahya un waqt 50-60 listener hunda hua aju 225 khan 375 tahen listener thi vaya aahin iho dese khushi paye thye en laye tawa sach main wadhayen ja haqdar aahiyo kuj waqt main 4g ain digital indiathindo un waqt tawa ji doradesi rang lahendi ain listeners jo andaz hazaran main thindo sindhyat khe bachaen mai n tawa ji mahnat safal thinde shal jhulelal tawa je matha ases kare aen himath de shabas shabas tawa khe shabas shabas shabas

  6. Munjoo naalo muhammadkhanbozdar ahee
    Ahwan bhairnja qurb joo sindh jo nale san radio halayo

  7. advocate Asif says:

    آصف علي سنڌ پاڪستان کان ،،سر ڏاڍو سٺو لڳو سنڌي ويب ريڊيو ٻڌي ڪري ،،،

  8. Naresh Rahwani says:

    Aju Internet te radio sindhi brahe-rast budhande, dil khe tamam ghano suroor pahto ahe. Iha tamam suthi kawish ahe jo awhan sindhyan je lae panhjo kam sarinjam dyo pya… shal Sindh aen Sindhi boli abd taen salamt rahan! Jeay Sindh.

  9. darya khan kalhoro says:

    I m very happy to this sindhi radio

  10. zulfiqar ali dobal says:

    radio sindhi good radio

  11. sooraj sindhi says:

    sindhi boli abani boli

  12. Din Muhammad says:

    I Like it

  13. Aquib Shar says:

    wow behtreen 🙂

  14. noorullah bughio says:

    Iho hik nihayat sutho qadam khanyo wiyo Ahae, per je thee saghe ta Vidual option b Rakhio wache ta char chand lagi wenda.

  15. Sangeeta Bapuli says:

    Deepak I am so proud of you—made hubby Santanu also listen –infact he is also listening and he is all praises—Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ashfaq anizamani says:

    sain tamam suthi koshish ahi,Hind san gud Sindh ji sindhian ja phon ai comment parhee budhayoo ta mahrbani theendi.

  17. Great effort to revive “Muhinji Amarr ji mithi boli”…
    I have already introduced to 22 of my aquintants with an appeal to log on to this site…

  18. Mohan dadlani says:

    Keep up good work.
    Jai Jhulelal from LA

  19. vijay murjani says:

    Prem Sagar Welfare Organization paaran sabhne sindhi bhauran khe bhalikaar chauuon thaa

  20. Yasir Buriro says:

    منهنجو نالو ياسر آهي،مان سنڌ کان آهيان ،جس هجي توهان ڀائرن کي جو هي ريڊيو ٿا هلايو

  21. tarique simair says:

    tamam sutho lago he sindhi radio online

  22. May this very commendable effort by Radio Sindh bring together the Sindhis worldwide, be they followers of any religion, any belief system. Mother Sindh, the Mother of Hindu Civilization is the One Mother of all of us – may this realisation draw us closer day by day.

    Haqq Maujud, Sada Maujud

  23. اهيا هڪ وڏي پيشڪش آهي

  24. رڊيو سنڌي تمام زبردست آهي اسان جي پسند متابڪ آهي سائين جيڏي تعريف ڪيون اوتري ڱهٽ آهي مهرباني ڪري هي مسج رڊيو سنڌي تي زرور ڏيندا ئ گلبهار لنڊ سنڏ دادو جهولي لعل

  25. waqar and mansab says:

    we proud to be sindhi we love sindh

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