Radio Sindhi Founder Receives Sindhu Ratna Award

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Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances which exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

  • Radio Sindhi starts instantly from browser or App or any streaming client
  • No need to browse through or searching for Sindhi Songs
  • Just press PLAY button and enjoy Sindhi Music, Jokes, Live Interviews, Stories & so much
  • 24/7 un-interrupted Non Stop Sindhi Broadcast, because Sindhis are all over the world
  • Listen to famous Songs for free and buy these CDs to support Sindhi Music Industry
  • Support leading tools like Winamp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer and Apple iTunes
  • Radio Sindhi works from any Mobile Devices, Tablet, laptop or Smart TV.
  • Availability across the Globe ( We already have listeners in more than 100 countries)

994 thoughts on “

  1. Naresh suresh chatlani says:

    Hi how are u I am naresh chatlani from jakarta

  2. Mahesh Narsian says:

    I have downloaded Radio Sindhi v2.0,, but it does not play, It says Internet connection not working properly. All buttons otherwise do respond. Also, If I open Radio Sindhi on Google Chrome, Radio plays, but if I save the webpage on my desktop and open it later, Radio portion says Loading, It does show program, Current listeners, web address, but radio doesn’t appear, nor does any sound. I am using Windows 7 professional 32 bits. I can watch all other internet tv channels like zee tv, ndtv etc.

    • We have latest Radio Sindhi app for Windows 10.
      Regarding Website saving on your computer, please only bookmark the page or save the link on desktop for Radio Sindhi to work.

  3. naresh israni says:

    sindhi sab jite bi aahin hek website mein penjo profile regiester hujan world jaa sindhi

  4. Hassan Nasir Jasmine says:

    zbrdst China mn Sindhi geet budhi aen sangat ja comments parhy dil thy pae , Sindhi boli ji Juat jaly pae

  5. Zubair Sarwar says:

    Iam From Hyderabad Sindh
    Good Effort To Promote Sindhi Culture and Language Through Radio Sindhi

  6. This is wonderful saeen

  7. زبير سرور says:

    سنڌي ريڊيو ٻڌي سٺو لڳو

  8. Tamaam khushee thee pahinjee maau bboleea men sindhi radio bbudhee. akhyun maan ggorrhaa vahee aayaa aen vaddan je zihn te pashtaaeendo rahyum jin jee paaleesyun aen chootyaaipun sabab sindh maan ee sindhee nikree vaee haane sindhi hit kheraat men mile thee

  9. Mushtaque Ali Mahar, Umerkot, Sindh, says:

    سنڌي ٻوليءَلاءِ ڪم ڪندڙ سمورن مانوارن هستين کي سرخ سلام،

  10. Jehangir Rahujo, Advocate High Courts of Sindh says:

    Good efforts to deliver knowledge in own language.

  11. Gul Hassan Khokhar says:

    Great efforts Jiye Sindh.

  12. vicky jalbani says:

    sir awan jo radio dadho sutho aahe

  13. ASHOK AINSHANI says:

    JAI JHULELAL. I am living at Ulhasnagar City. I have Downloaded the “Radio Sindhi” in My Mobile Phone. All Radio Stations are Great. All Songs, Programs are Great. I am listening this Radio Daily. Very Great Step to Improve Sindhi Language. Regarding My Brain, All Sindhi Community Persons must Download & Listen this Radio.

  14. سنڌي پياري ٻولي آهي.

  15. Hi first time click on Sindhi dictionary and Radio. Wonder full.
    Nalay alakh jay beru tar mohinjo.
    Sabit Ali

  16. Zabardast. Love from Sindh

  17. Dev Motiramani says:

    Thank you so much for putting so much efforts to re-bind every Sindhi!

  18. Sindh Dharti tana .aaou pahenjan peyaran Hindu bhairan khe Holly jo wadhayio diana tho

  19. سلام نمستي

  20. tama ghanii khushiii thi hii song bhudi from sindh pakistan 🙂

  21. sagar sindhi says:

    Tmam behtreen mehrbanyoon

  22. J K VALECHA says:


  23. Suresh Tekwani says:

    Marvelous Excellent Keep it up Loud and Clear ! Thanks a Millions

  24. Excellent

  25. Mera nam jeetugaglni hai me Amravati se ho me apna adiyo masij bejna chyta ho kese bajo

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