Radio Sindhi Founder Receives Sindhu Ratna Award

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Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances which exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

  • Radio Sindhi starts instantly from browser or App or any streaming client
  • No need to browse through or searching for Sindhi Songs
  • Just press PLAY button and enjoy Sindhi Music, Jokes, Live Interviews, Stories & so much
  • 24/7 un-interrupted Non Stop Sindhi Broadcast, because Sindhis are all over the world
  • Listen to famous Songs for free and buy these CDs to support Sindhi Music Industry
  • Support leading tools like Winamp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer and Apple iTunes
  • Radio Sindhi works from any Mobile Devices, Tablet, laptop or Smart TV.
  • Availability across the Globe ( We already have listeners in more than 100 countries)

994 thoughts on “

  1. farzana ursani says:

    It was a pleasure listening to radio sindhi. I am so overwhelmed. Love u all.

  2. very good job to start sindhi radio.all sindhis are proud of you.well done.its so good to listen sindhi music.would like to hear Dada Ram Panjwanis Music.

  3. Masroor Chandio says:

    dadhi kushi thi….


  5. I do appriciate your efforts to promote the cause of Sindhi language. Why do not you include Sindhi songs from the other side of the border.

    • We promote Sindhi Music coming to us from all the regions. We really don’t see any borders.
      And we play the music, where we have approval from Singer or Producer.

  6. Pratablal Nankani says:

    tavhan khe shubh kam je lae lakh lakh vadhayun hunjev…

  7. dr vinita thawani says:

    great job.keep it up.would like to here bhagwanti nawani and kamla keswani songs

  8. Thakur Chawla says:

    deepak shabash athiee. sindhi boli a pyar disi. aasanji sindhi kon marandi je to jahira navjavan aahan ain sindyat laye kujh kan tha.

  9. yar zabardast jai sindhi.sada khush hojo.

  10. wah sain wah.tamam sutho km ahe panhanjy boli san piyar pasand ayo

  11. Ashok Kewalramani says:

    Majo aayoo, Tadiyun sabhai vajayo maa ta lal the ti vanja!
    Miji farmaish jo hik geet kripa kare vajaejo~Hede hede hede …HEde ta nihar.. film Abana

  12. lakhan shivlani says:

    good one


  13. ho jomalo, ho jomalo, dadho sutho lago ain ghandihankhan sindhi boli ja gaana tha budhun. par hin kha chalu rakhanda.

  14. malhar chandio says:

    saein zabardast kam aahi ,shabash dian kha sewa rahi na tho saghjay

  15. I am happy to have Sindhi programme .I would like you to add Ram Panjwani’s Kalams & Sindhi movie/songs of film ABANA

  16. Sindhi radio hik ahro madhyam aahe jainsan se sabhin sindhi gadh thi sikhan tha….tah hina kam saan tahan etri wadi mehar kayi aahe,jainjo shabdan mein maan na to budhay sighya.jhule lal ji maher saan,hey sangat wadhdi rahe.
    aayo lal kayo,sabhi chayo jhule lal….

  17. Gulzaman jamali says:

    great effort i like it jea sindh..

  18. haresh sehvani says:

    proud to be sindhi

  19. very good

  20. Irfan Ali Chandio says:

    Dear all / Admin – mabroooooooooooooooooook on such a excellent work…….

  21. very very good




    I recently read Weekly Hindvasi newspaper published from Mumbai and came to know about radio sindhi. I have tried now and listened to sindhi song.
    Thanks for starting sindhi ratio 24×7. Really grateful for this. I will convey this to my other sindhi friends to listen to this

  23. manoj lassi says:

    gud to see this SINDHI RADIO.

  24. Vasu Moryani says:

    Gr8 Majo achi vyo dado sutho lagyo pahanji bholi bh agya vadey pahi Lakh-Lakh Vadayun

    keep it up

  25. sindhi boli amar rahe….!!!!!!!!!!

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