Radio Sindhi Founder Receives Sindhu Ratna Award

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Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances which exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

  • Radio Sindhi starts instantly from browser or App or any streaming client
  • No need to browse through or searching for Sindhi Songs
  • Just press PLAY button and enjoy Sindhi Music, Jokes, Live Interviews, Stories & so much
  • 24/7 un-interrupted Non Stop Sindhi Broadcast, because Sindhis are all over the world
  • Listen to famous Songs for free and buy these CDs to support Sindhi Music Industry
  • Support leading tools like Winamp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer and Apple iTunes
  • Radio Sindhi works from any Mobile Devices, Tablet, laptop or Smart TV.
  • Availability across the Globe ( We already have listeners in more than 100 countries)

994 thoughts on “

  1. Pamo Khianey says:

    Lots of thanks to our painstaking Sindhi Brothers, who have brought us such a nice Gift of INTERNATIONAL SINDHI RADIO for us and our younger generations. Our Gurdev DADA J.P.VASWANI has since long been stressing the need to speak at our homes in our own Motherland Toungue, “SINDHI”, the root of our Sindhi Culture. Our dream has come true!!


  2. Yaqub Khaskheli says:

    It is a great work,We love our language and people living any where,we must promote that activity,I want to congratulate their team.may god help you do that work more and more.thank you.
    Yaqub khaskheli

  3. Wonderful effort. This will link all of us .


  4. this is a great initiative to unite sindhis and best to surrvive and protect our sweet mother tongue. keep it up

  5. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    سائينم سدائين ڪرين، مٿي سنڌ سُڪارَ،
    دوست مٺا دلدارَ، عالمَ سڀ آباد ڪرين!

    جيئي لطيف، جيئي لطيف جي سنڌ، جيئي لطيف جو سنڌي عوام



  7. TONY CHAINANI says:

    Acho ta sabhehi gadji SINDHI Boli a khe Himthayoon. Jai Hind, Jai Sindhi & sandas Boli. Wadhayoon….Lakh Lakh Wadhayoon.

  8. Govind Mirwani says:

    What an idea sir ji,I request for same start for Sindhi Films also.
    Jiye Sindh

  9. Lachman K. Chandiramani says:

    Congrats on establishing Radio Sindhi, it will help the new generations to come in never forgetting our Sindhi language.

  10. Ajay Chhugani says:

    I have inserted the following footnote to my email Signature Profile:

    “Enjoy Sindhi Music with Wirless Internet Sindhi Radio

    This enables spread of this beautiful launch of Sndhi Radio music.

    Request all to spread this message.

  11. Ramesh Vasnani says:

    I enjoy sindhi songs and feel relaxed, thaado sutho pyo lage, Wah Wah chha ta gana aahin……

  12. sindhi program ji koshish lay lakh lakh vadhayo

  13. Radio sindhi chalu karan waaran khe lakh lakh vadaiyyun..
    Hi hik tamam sutho kadam aahe.. Jiye Sindh..!!
    Aayo lal cho Jhule Lal…

  14. Parkash Lohana says:

    Great initiative, I appreciate this effort and hope this will continue in the future also.

  15. تمام گهڻو لطف اندوز ٿيون پيا پنهنجي سنڌي ٻولي ۾ ريڊيو ٻڌي، گهڻي خوشي ٿي توهان سنڌين جو هي ڪم ڏسي، ايئن ئي سنڌ جي موسيقي کي دنيا ۾ تمام گهڻي موٽ ملندي
    مهرباني سائين

  16. bhajankundnani says:

    Very nice to know that Radio is there for 24×7. Very thanks to organizers. Hope it will help many Sindhis to be in touch with their culture. Once again thanks lot to all those, who are part of this site.

  17. Dil kha dhadhi khushi the

  18. V GOOD ALL SINDHI,very good to listen sindhi songs good job thanks for that.sindhi,

  19. karishma AHUJA says:

    Uho waqt parey konhhey jadahin Hind ain Sindh jaa kalaakaar
    hiku thee sindhiyat khe waqdhaaindaa. Jeeay Sindh ain Sindhi

  20. Rajesh kumar Dhanrajmal Valechha says:

    sindhi radio chaloo karin j^anu ta aandhee_a men jyot jagain jahidi koshih aahe.tavahan khe muhinjo dili tor san… D H A N Y V A A D……raj

  21. Mumtaz Ali Saand says:

    Paying Salam to Bhagwanti Nawani for singing her nice son Sindh des je dharti maataa.

  22. Gopal Sapra, Kota- Rajasthan says:

    good to know, better feel to listen and expect improvements where-ever and whenever needed.

  23. faqir hussain laghari says:

    V GOOD ALL SINDHI,very good to listen sindhi songs good job thanks for that.sindhi,

  24. i like this good radio station sindhi good responsbility chanel.

  25. radio sindhi shru karana waran khe muhinja sao salam

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