Junior Sindhi Idol – SSB Gaye Budhaye | Neha Udasi

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Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances which exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

  • Radio Sindhi starts instantly from flash player
  • No need to browse through or searching for Songs
  • Just press PLAY button and enjoy Sindhi Music, Jokes, Live Interviews
  • 24/7 un-interrupted Non Stop Sindhi Broadcast, because Sindhis are all over the world
  • Listen to famous Songs for free and buy these CDs to support Sindhi Music Industry
  • Support leading tools like Winamp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer and Apple iTunes
  • Supports many Mobile devices and protocols
  • Availability across the Globe ( We already have listeners in more than 100 countries)

979 thoughts on “

  1. hik bahtarin radio ,,,,,,,,, gzab jo radio station ahi . budho ae budahyo sindhin bavran khi ki sunarap anya bhi kayam ahi .jiye sindh .ayo lal sabhi cho jhulelal.

  2. Radio Sindhi hamari apni Sanskriti ki pahchan banane ke liye hai

  3. Khalid Talpur -China says:

    Great work to connect Sindhi people all over the world.

  4. Jas aahe India ji Sindiyan khi jeke Sindhi Zaban khi zinda rakhe vedha aahe asi sindhi me rahe sindhi zaban khi khatam karan me rudhal aayo. Acho Sindhi gadji sindhi zaban khi kayam dayam rakho. Sindhi Boli aasa ji Maa aahe. Dharti jo qarz layo. PPP wara jago sindhi sa gadari kanda sindhi ji gud naseem kon thendi.

  5. Jadahen khan hin website khe dryaft kyo atham, musalsal clasic bhudi rhyo aahyan. Tamam khushi & fakhar mahsoos thio, Sari team khe mubarakbad. jay sindh.

  6. akhtar talpur karachi says:

    it is too wortthy to appriciate

  7. Chandru Hathiramani says:

    It is a matter of pride to have at last having our own Radio station, I am sure this revive our disappearing language, it is very lamentable that our new generation is absolutely unaware of our mother young., this is not there fault but we the parents for not encouraging to speak in teir own mother younger. Koreans and Japanese settled abroad have their schools to teachand educate them in their mother tongue, but our children feel ashamed to speak their mother tongue. we are still in time to correct our mistake.

  8. Mazhar Ali soomro Sub- Inspector Sindh Police says:

    ochto hin site te nazar paee. live Radio transmission bhudi dadho mazo aayo. tahan sabhni dhuryun khe lakh lakh jass hujay jeki Sindhi boly jee waadh weejh la’ay koshishoan watho pya.. JEAY SINDH



    • Ada Karim Bakhsh (NBP) Tawan khe radio sindhi te disi tamam herat aeen khushi thi. dua ahe t hin plarform (radio sindhu) je zariye aseen sabai pahenji abani boli jo parchar jari rakhandason.

  10. Bharat Sewani says:

    Thanks to sindhi Radio, i like this site very much…….
    keeep Going on ,
    our Wishes ARe always with You

  11. Razaque Channa says:

    Thank you so much for such lovely efforts. I can now hear it on my iPhone 5 in Australia. It feels like I am in my home 🙂 Thanks again!

  12. i want hear “allah muh natha visran” form sindhi film khatmitro. anybody knows where to find on the internet?

  13. Rajeev Motwani says:

    Jai jhulelal…. Sindhi boli amar rahe… Takhe inha kama laye lakh lakh vadhaiyu… 🙂

  14. capt dr shahrukh shah says:

    tamam khush theo aya jeay sindhu ama

  15. Mahesh kumar mugria says:

    Wadhayoo 2 sal Pooran thiyan te
    Sab channel Shandar ahin
    MATA RANI bless you all

  16. Hari Khabrani says:

    A very good initiation. Pleased to hear the
    songs in Sindhi.

  17. Girdhar Gobindram Gianchandani says:

    Happy to discover “radiosindhi” would like to connect to Sind and everything connected to Sindi.

  18. jagdish lalwani says:

    chati chand jo lakh lakh vadhiyou sab sindhi ne khe

    sindhi boli amar rahe

  19. Kotu Rajwani says:

    Jai jhulelal, sabni khe chetichand ju lakh lakh wadhayun,

    ayo lal chayo jhulelal bhera hi paar sadai shahukar.

  20. IRFAN ALI JOYO says:

    i am so happy for radio sindhi and it is very nice
    from:- Quaid-E-Awam University of Engineering,Science and Technology(QUEST) Nawabshah Sindh

  21. Asadullah shaikh says:

    هر جڳه تي سنڌيت جي پر چار ڪريو

  22. shrichand santani says:

    jian FM radio ahe , un tarah special sindhi gaana budhan lai radiosindhi jo hik nandhdo set thahanu ghurje, ta mazo achi vanne.

  23. Dr. Karan S. Chandrani, APPEASE ASTROLOGY & HOMEOPATHY RESEARCH, 4-A-5, PAWAN PURI, BIKANER-333403 Raj. says:

    Bina kisi Laabh Haani ke jo apni Sanskriti ke liye kare vo hi Jhule laal Varun Devta ka sacha devotee hai……
    Radio Sindhi hamari apni Sanskriti ki pahchan banane ke liye hai……. ME un sab ke aage Jholi faila kar Prarthna karta hu ki jo Badi Badi Companies ke maalik hai vo apne Companies ke Vigyapan Radio Sindhi ko denge to vah din dur nhi jab TV pe log baaki channel chhod kar only Sindhi Channel hi dekhna pasand karenge……
    Best wishes for Bright future….. RADIO SINDHI..

  24. Vijay Sharma says:

    Asa sab sindhi mili kare hina Radio khe Mashur kandaas… 🙂

  25. Rajesh Gyanchand Goklani says:


    sindhi radio khe lakh lakh waadayoon

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